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Custom Engraving on Your Knife

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$12.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Not all knifes are engravable. Please contact us for a custom quote and to discuss artwork option.  Generally a text only engraving will run 25.00 - 40.00. 

The Buck Knives Forever Warranty is pretty much what it says. A Buck Knife is built to last. But if for some reason, your Buck is defective due to materials or workmanship, you can return it to us for repair. No matter where you bought it. We will repair your knife, including parts, labor and or replacement with a new knife at our discretion. Keep in mind, repair is not always possible or practical. We will replace your knife with the same or one that is comparable if your knife is no longer available. Please note if your knife has sentimental value when you send the knife to us. REPAIRS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY If your knife needs to be repaired, please send it to us for evaluation. Don’t try to repair it yourself. Self–repair will void your warranty, not to mention that it could cause self–injury. Reasons why we may charge you a small fee for a repair: Damage caused by misuse or abuse. Failure to care, clean and maintain your knife. Damage due to self–repair. Knife loss due to shipping to and from the Buck Knives factory Damage due to dismantling or tampering with your Buck knife Sharpening your Buck knife on a grinder. HOW TO SEND YOUR KNIFE IN FOR REPAIR: Tell us who you are and what is wrong with your knife. Let us know what you think is wrong with your knife. Include your name, address, phone number and email address. Wrap your knife securely. Before you ship your knife, please make sure you have cleaned it thoroughly, removing all traces of game remnance. Please put each cleaned knife in a sheath or wrap in cardboard to protect it during shipping. Pack it so the point will not cut through the packaging. You will get your sheath or cardboard back upon return. Packing up your knife. We prefer that you pack your knife in a box. A padded envelope may also work if the knife isn’t too heavy or bulky. Be sure to put packing around the knife so it sits securely in the package. Shipping methods. We recommend that you insure your package and send it by a certified receipt that can be tracked if necessary. This will help protect you against possibility of loss or damage to your knife. Note that knife loss, including shipping to and from the Buck factory, is not covered under warranty. Please expect 4-6 weeks for replacement or repairs April – August and 6-8 weeks September – March. Send your packaged knife to: Buck Knives Attn: Warranty Dept. 660 S. Lochsa St. Post Falls, ID 83854 800 326-2825 - Option 2