Patriot Coffee Roasters Locally Roasted Coffee

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Patriot Coffee Roasters of Rupert, Idaho offers all Single Origin, roasted fresh in Rupert Coffee. 

Coffee is pre-ground 

- Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Unique, tea, wine and floral tones

- Costa Rican Tirrazzu - Milk chocolate, semi-sweet finish, smooth

- Colombian Excelso - A classic well-balanced coffee

- Mexican Chiapas - Nutty, bold and a great all day coffee

- Peruvian Organic - Bright acidity, good body, good mouth feel

- Sumatran - A bold coffee, earthy and distinctive

- Guatemalan - Piquant acidity, dark chocolate, smoky

- Rwandan - Medium Body, simple, bright and unique

- Monsoon Malabar - earthy, nutty, mellow light acidity

- French Roast - Dark, bold, smoky and smooth

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